An Introduction to Rob Brown &


I've been a sponsored photographer with Panasonic since 2016.

I launched Sold Media in May 2017.

We provide architectural imaging and marketing services:



social media advertising

graphic and web design

My creative background and awards are in street photography - a candid style of documentary photography, and automotive imaging.
My career background is primarily industrial construction, specifically security and control systems integration. I also spent some time in non-profit and charity work.
My favourite photos find balance between focusing on details without over-simplifying
Strong Lines
Easiest to spot in staircases, they can be found in other, subtler
places too
Using objects in the house to frame and draw the viewers' attention
You can find my full image showcase, and all of my current galleries here:
10-08 Rob Brown 2.jpg
We've been tracking with you on Instagram - I also prefer working with people I'd like to grab a beer with! If you'd like to grab one, or chat some more, I look forward to it.