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What we offer

Why Choose SOLD media?

You want to hire our expert photographer Rob Brown, not just a photography company.


You need top quality imaging produced with elite equipment, that stands out from the crowd.

You need a photographer that creates a great client experience and builds their confidence in you.

You want strong value and a consistent product, professionally delivered.

You love working with creatives who propel your business into new seasons of growth.

Why Choose Sold?

Meet Our Team

Meet our Team - Introduction Instagram Post (4000 x 1080 px).png

Rob Brown

Chief Photographer

Janine Brown

Social Influencer

Ken Pham

Technician Magician

Janine spent much of her career working for Disney in both customer service and corporate social responsibility. Today, she works with our clients to expand their social audience, and reach new customers through cutting edge media - let us show you how to take advantage and get in front of your own clients at your comfort level.

A nationally published and award-winning photographer with a background in technical systems design for industrial construction, make up the perfect combination of skills for real estate listing services. Rob is professionally sponsored by Panasonic, and recognized as their camera specialist in Western Canada, with access to advanced equipment and technologies prior to public release.

Ken commands photoshop with an air of dignity and grace, and we've never seen anything like it. Unrivalled in his craft, he works magic to ensure your listing looks its absolute best, with a little extra sparkle that will hypnotize buyers and draw them to your showings.

What's important to us

Every image we create is exposure and colour graded by hand, and individually retouched to perfection. You may ask why we go to all this extra effort, and our answer might surprise you - despite the advanced technology available in our field, which we employ and utilize to its fullest potential every day, we believe the final image is still best handled by the experienced eye and well-trained hand of a human being.

We embrace technology: All of our computerized equipment is state-of-the-art, some is even in a prototype phase and unavailable to the public during testing, and we are often consulted in the industry regarding our advanced techniques. The majority of our administrative tasks are digitally automated to keep us light-weight and highly responsive in the field. We still hold, however, that as advanced as the photography world has become, computers still can't automatically generate a perfect image - the technology needs to be directed, and we are experts at doing just that.

You hire us to provide exceptional images that the average photography company can't produce. You've likely seen our work before, it definitely caught your eye, and you choose to work with us because you want to be the one posting those eye-catching photos and videos your clients drool over.


Our Clients' Endorsements

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I have worked with Rob and Sold Media for the past several years to provide top notch media (video, photos and website support).  Rob provides fantastic service and has always been responsive to requests for changes or last minute bookings whenever possible, and has routinely gone above and beyond to provide the best possible finished product.

I highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for top tier media support!

- David Tidmarsh



My team and I have enjoyed working with Rob for the last 2 years, and love the quality of his work and positive feedback from our friends and clients. We have won listings because of our photos, and our clients now know and look forward to meeting Rob - the man behind our media!

- Jeff Neustaedter


I have worked with Sold Media for over a year and would not dream of switching to another media company for my listings. Rob's photos are fantastic, his measurements and floor plans have been perfect for our own marketing, and his guidance and work on our videos has been terrific. Rob is very knowledgeable and helpful when directing videos and shows tremendous editing skills when putting together the finished product. I cannot say enough about the level of excellence I receive from Rob and his whole team! 

- Alex Weston


I strongly believe that good photos are the most important aspect of the marketing that we do. The buyers judge a home by the photos that they view on MLS. I had good photos before meeting Rob, I now have excellent photos that I know have attracted buyers to my listings.

Read the full referral

- Janet Mericle

Black Letter Banner.png

Rob Brown from Sold Media has helped elevate my real estate business with high-quality images and measurements for all my listings.  The feedback from clients has always been positive which has made it easier for me to market and sell my listings successfully.   Rob and his team are fantastic to work with and I would recommend them to anyone in my industry.

- Jim Dasouki


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