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Rough-in Scans

Rough-in Brochure (17 × 11 in) (1) copy.jpg
A complete digital model of your project
Frozen in time at the rough-in stage 
Walls, wiring, plumbing, mechanical all exposed & recorded in a permanent archive that never expires.
Rough-in Scans capture every detail inside the walls
  • A permanent record of the rough-in stage for you and your clients to access any time.

  • Scans are permanently available with private access that never expires.

  • Provides a visual, detailed progress report to clients, and a valuable asset to homeowners any time they want to see inside the walls.

  • Cost-saving resource for trades and installers providing estimates.

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Create visual and dimensional information for planning, designing and evaluating spaces.

Map and Document As-Built Environments
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