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Exterior images include blue sky replacement as required, and free of charge. Don't let the weather impact your schedule, we make every sky blue and sunny, even in pouring rain and snow.

Blue sky.png

Exterior images include virtual green grass repair at your discretion. We can even transform a construction zone or new build to show the landscaping potential rather than bare earth.


Twilight Conversion

Any time of day, any exterior photo, can be transformed into a twilight photo by our master editor. Add a splash of colour to the title photo of your listing to stand out.


Virtual Staging

Turn an empty home into a blank canvas - we'll fill it with images of real life furniture that blend in seamlessly and paint the picture of the space's potential.

Aerial Photography

Get a fresh perspective. The view from above raises the profile on any house, showing the land, yard space, and surrounding features like lakes and parks.


Virtual Tours

Our 360 camera and advanced processing enable a new take on virtual tours - we shoot the best views and leave out the less desirable, linking all the best shots together.

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 12.49.20 PM.png
Exposure grade.png

Interior images are individually retouched by hand, exposure graded, and colour graded for true to life detail with dynamic lighting that reveals dark corners and bright window views alike.


Windows are masked in to reveal the correct amount of detail - more detail with a beautiful view, and less when a busy road or neighbouring houses are the focal point.




  • All the 4K goodness of our Full Video Tour, shortened to under 1 minute duration

  • Vertical or horizontal format - your choice

  • Licensed music, with your choice of style and pace from trendy and upbeat, to sophisticated and luxurious

  • Speed ramping, slow motion, and all our top tier editing tricks for a polished, professional impression

  • Engaging start to finish

Full Video Tour

  • State of the art 4K 30fps video capture

  • Customized graphics

  • Audio design and timing synced to footage and styled to match the ambience of the space

  • Professional voiceover recording and scripting available

  • Slow motion effects and customized transitions

  • Advanced filming equipment including Canon full frame cameras and L class lenses, Atomos 4k ProRes recording, DJI Ronin stabilization, Rhino motion control, & Aputure lighting


  • Shorter clips with punchy, energetic transitions

  • Trending IG music and video remixes - we'll provide suggestions or incorporate yours

  • Square or landscape orientations available

  • This is the best format for advertising your listing on Facebook and Instagram with paid placements. We have videos with over 60,000 organic views, and the sky's the limit with paid promotion

Smart Phone Outline

Hosted Listing Intro

  • Hosted by the realtor on camera, introduce us to the listing just like we were VIP open house guests

  • Professional audio equipment records your commentary as we walk through the house

  • Set to subtle, licensed background music, the tour and your commentary is edited down and compressed to a 1 min video perfect for social media

iGuide 360 Virtual Tour

  • Fully interactive on both mobile devices and PC, we've put in a tonne of research to select the simplest software to use and navigate in the market. This is a tool buyers will actually use, and sellers fall passionately in love with.



Detailed iGuide Laser Accurate RMS

  • Full colour detailed floor plans including interior walls and room sizes

  • Measure anything in the virtual tour by dragging your mouse across the image

  • Virtual tour included at no extra charge, and linked to the floor plans so you always know your relative position in the house as you click through the walkthrough

  • Create digital showings for out-of-town buyers

  • Automatic integration with posts your tour for buyers on your behalf

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