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Hi Will

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Thanks for the opportunity to showcase Sold Media for you.

The Wednesday Room video gives a taste of my candid creative style and production quality for video in an event setting - a content style that builds energy and excitement, and suits social ads for lead gen and website context videos especially well.

The bulk of my work though, and my specialization, is in architectural imaging. Below is a portfolio I selected for you highlighting photo and video work in and around downtown yyc, including some commercial work for custom builders and AirBNB. Click any of the images/video to view full size.


A little about me - I've been in photography since I received a 35mm film camera hand-me-down as a kid, and consider myself lucky to be born into the industry through film. I shot for fun through University in Calgary and New Zealand, with Economics and Marketing degrees. I pursued non-profit work first as a volunteer, and eventually with career dedication, focused on reducing poverty and homelessness in Calgary and abroad, where photo and video became powerful storytelling tools in the early stages of YouTube. I continued hobby shooting through a career season in Ft.McMurray - true to my native Calgarian roots - and was rewarded with a sponsorship as brand ambassador for Panasonic cameras. That sponsorship evolved to a contract as technical specialist and trainer for Panasonic Canada in 2017, at which point I launched Sold Media Inc. in parallel as a career photographer specializing in architectural imaging, with 2,000 properties shot to date.


I have found my clients become integral to the creative process as I shape the skill and experience I bring to the table, to their unique requirements and vision. As a result, lasting relationships are core to both my business model and my creative style. I would love to work with you and your partners at BOSA to drive both sales and trends - setting new industry standards for marketing content in the commercial architectural space. The opportunity to shoot The Wednesday Room was a perfect kickoff to building the type of business relationship I thrive on, and I'd love to continue in that direction - let me know when I can join you for a meeting or a lunch to discuss a great next step. The more I can learn about your current projects and goals, the more valuable I'll become.


Rob Brown


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